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When we embarked on our first project in Greece in 2016, we were told the key to succeeding was ‘ypomoní kai epimoní’ (patience and persistence). Since then, however, we have learnt that the real secret to climbing the ladder resides in fully leveraging Greece’s biggest asset: its people.

In a market that abounds with highly qualified professionals who have persevered through Greece’s most difficult modern-day financial crunch, we have encountered a tenacity to create, develop, and transform. We have learnt from them to see opportunities where others see challenges, and in doing so have reaped the rewards of our time and efforts.

The past decade has instilled a profound sense of a ‘before and after’ in Greece. Institutions and procedures have been overhauled, and new ones established. Financial health has been restored, although at a high cost, and new priorities have emerged as outdated practices have been laid aside and new technologies adopted.

But investments are central to a sustainable recovery – as is raising the profile of Greece upon the world stage. And the opportunities are myriad, from energy to real estate, to start-ups and large-scale infrastructure projects. Yet pinpointing them and comprehending the dynamics of a fast-changing economy can be a daunting task, even for those most familiar with the market. About a year ago, we set out to share everything we had learnt about the Greek market during our journey in a bid to entice others to form part of Greece’s new economy.

With that said, we are very proud to present you with Greece Investor Guide and www.greeceinvestorguide.com, through which you will find an open and comprehensive window into the Hellenic market, its most dynamic sectors, and the key people catapulting the country into the future.

We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the Greek government, our partner institutions and corporations, as well as to the pool of tremendously talented professionals without whose trust, dedication, and support Greece Investor Guide would have been impossible

Nadine Padron & Ana Trebolle

Co-Founders of BeCommunicated

About Us

BeCommunicated is the exclusive producer and publisher of Greece Investor Guide and greeceinvestorguide.com. BeCommunicated is a Cyprus-based integrated communications and marketing agency, with a decade of experience in country-based and institutional communications, spanning 5 continents and over 25 countries.

Partners of Greece Investor Guide

Greece is gearing up to start its “I Save at Home” programme, worth €850 million at this point, and they’re hoping that investors will recognize that now is the time for energy investment.

Minister of Development and Investment @AdonisGeorgiadi is delivering a “new Greece” through the creation of the new National Development Plan.

Santorini has topped nearly every traveler’s bucket list at one time or another, and it’s easy to see why. Blue isn’t just blue in Santorini, it’s so cosmic and deep it feels like you could fall into it forever.

Reggeborgh Invest acquired 5% of the ELLAKTOR Group in shares, with the right to increase their participation to 17.5%, indicating that the Dutch are strongly interested in the Greek construction market.

Marfin Investment Group (MIG) announced that British investment group CVC Capital has taken its investment plans into Greece’s food sector through its acquisition of Vivartia group (jointly controlled by MIG).

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