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Having established a leading presence in the Greek market during the past 25 years, Rokas Renewables has pioneered the development of electricity generation through Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in Greece. As the first private company to discern and invest in the country’s RES potential, Rokas Renewables has played an instrumental role in developing, building, and operating RES power stations across the Greek territory, with a particular focus on wind farms.

Rokas Renewables forms part of the Iberdrola Group of companies, a global energy leader, that is committed to upholding its position as a leading and sustainable company in the 21st century. By bringing the energy transition forward two decades, Iberdrola is prioritising the wellbeing of the global population and combating climate change.

Upholding Iberdrola’s commitment to achieve the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Rokas Renewables develops high quality and socially responsible RES projects, with a view to meeting objectives 7 and 13, “affordable and clean energy” and “climate action”, respectively. Meeting the remaining 15 SDGs is accomplished through the company’s ongoing contribution to the economic and sustainable development of Greece.


Thanasis Tsantilas
Chairman and MD of Rokas Renewables


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