Getting Around in Greece

Reliable public transportation can help your vacation run smoothly and without any hassle. Luckily, Greek public transit is pretty convenient and cheap.

The best local transport options for Greece and the islands.

Handpicked List


One of the best ways to see the country is by boat. Hiring a yacht allows you to linger in secluded bays and set your own itinerary. You can stop for a swum whenever you like and visit islands big and small without having to rely on ferry and flight schedules. Choices for yacht rentals abound in Greece, and your hotel concierge can help you find service providers. 


The Athens metro is convenient, clean and fast. Completed for the Athens Olympics of 2004, the lines continue to be extended. Tickets are electronic and you must swipe your ticket both when entering and exiting the metro.

One of the lines goes all the way to the Airport, but you will need a special ticket for this trip.

The only caveat with public transportation, as in all major city centres, is that you should be careful with your personal belongings to avoid avoid falling victim to pickpocketing.


Taxis are plentiful and cheap in Athens. You can hail them off the street, or you can download the app for Beat, a company similar to Über, except the drivers are registered taxis. Taxis are required to have a meter and charge only the fare on the meter. For the airport there is a set fee, with a small surcharge for suitcases.

There are also many taxi companies offering limousine service and all-day hires for trips to points of interest outside Athens. The concierge at your hotel can help you find a company to suit your needs.

Car Rental

Most car rental companies are located at the beginning of Syngrou Avenue, a short walk from Syntagma Square. Most of the international car rental chains are present in Greece, and a drive to the countryside during the weekend can be a pleasant way to explore the surroundings of Athens.


With all the islands in Greece, there is, of course, an extensive network of ferry lines to connect the islands to the ma

ferry, but there are several online booking platforms with schedules. Smaller islands may only have one ferry line, but most of the larger islands have several and often the choice of a superfast ferry.

Air Travel

With 42 airports around Greece, including on many of the islands, it is easy to reach even the far corners of the country. The dominant national carrier is Aegean Air, which offers daily flights to all major destinations in the country.

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