Greece Travel and Living Guide

Greece Travel & Living Guide

Greece – the land of myth, breath-taking sunsets, and spectacular landscapes set off by the clear blue waves of the Mediterranean.
To get you started in your exploration of Athens and surrounding areas, we have compiled a brief guide to hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, activities and trips, as well as pointers on how to get around, in and out of the city.


Greeks are social and love going out with friends, making for a pulsating restaurant, bar, and café scene with a vast range of options at any time, day or night. With so many choices, we asked star chef Lambros Vakiaros to nominate his favourite restaurants, cafés, and bars.


Michelin stars, television awards and love for high gastronomy. These have featured in Lambros’ career.

Lambros was born in Massachusetts, U.S., and raised on Samos Island, Greece. His love for cooking brought him to Athens where he sharpened his culinary skills at Alpine College. He went on to work at the Mykonos Grace Hotel and then moved to Spain where he cooked at Martín Berasategui, a Michelin 3-star restaurant in San Sebastian. He also worked at the Michelin 1-star Japanese restaurant Kabuki Wellington in Madrid and Abama Kabuki in Tenerife, amongst other places. In 2017, he took part in Greece’s cooking gameshow MasterChef. With his speed, knowledge, and extensive gastronomic experience, he won over the judges and took first prize. He now has a cooking spot on Star Channel Television, promotes good food and wellness, and has created his own brand of seasoning blends called FLAVORITS.


The Mediterranean kitchen is based on the unrivalled raw materials of the region, and Greek chefs are adept at creating memorable meals that are innovative while remaining anchored by the country’s culinary traditions. Greece produces excellent wines, and it is worthwhile exploring the local grape varieties, many of them unique to Greece.

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Greece Travel and Living Guide Restaurants

Cafes & Meeting Places

Whether you are after a quick espresso or a more relaxed frape (Greek iced coffee) with lots of conversation, there are countless places on offer. Cafés play an important part in Greek social and business life. You will see them everywhere and usually flled with people.

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Cafes and Meeting Places in Greece


Amazing sunsets, striking interiors, romantic courtyards, and buzzing rooftops with spectacular views form the backdrop for a Greek evening out. The bar scene in Greece has exploded in the last decade and great attention is paid both to atmosphere and innovative cocktail menus. Connecting with people and enjoying a fabulous time together is supremely important to Greeks, and the nightlife reflects that.

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Greece’s top bars chosen by Lambros Vakiaros
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What to do in Greece? Greece is a very vibrant country with a rich cultural and historical heritage that you shouldn’t miss out on. We have included a list of our suggested places to stay, must-see’s, and key information to make your experience in Greece more enjoyable.


A good hotel can be a home away from home and an oasis of comfort after a long day. The hotels in our list are all in the centre, except for the Four Seasons on the AthensRiviera, and the St. George Lycabettus, which sits in a quiet spot above the exclusive neighbourhood of Kolonaki. We picked these hotels for good location, exquisite service and full amenities.

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Hotels in Greece

Day & Weekend Trips

Pack the bags, turn off the phone, and out you go! Greece holds an enormous amount of worthwhile sights and experiences for such a small country. The relatively short distances mean that it is easy to explore the country, even if you have just a day or a weekend.

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Travel Greece on day trips and weekend adventures

Archaeological Sites, Museums and Cultural Events

We offer here a small selection of the many cultural attractions in Athens, including must-sees like the Acropolis. But quite apart from major museums and archaeological sites, Athens also has a profusion of live music venues, performance spaces, galleries, and cultural institutes.

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The best attractions in Greece for tourists and travellers

Getting Around

Reliable public transportation can help your vacation run smoothly and without any hassle. Luckily, Greek public transit is pretty convenient and cheap.

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The best local transport options for Greece and the islands.


Navigating a foreign healthcare system can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be in Greece. Greek doctors are excellent and many have studied abroad.

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How to access healthcare or see a doctor in Greece

Living in Greece with kids

Greece is one of the sunniest countries in the EU, having more than 250 days of sunshine every year. It’s also one of the safest - making it the perfect destination of choice - especially for families with young children. With 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore and thousands of islands to discover and enjoy, Greece will immerse your family in its culture and history.

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Greece’s childcare and school options for tourists and expats
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